Ottawa Declaration
In the Name of a Healthy Francophonie

WE, the French-language health community stakeholders, believe that:

1. A vibrant language is one used on a daily basis and throughout one’s entire life;

2. The full development of Francophone and Acadian communities makes it possible for its members to participate actively in the building of a more inclusive, prosperous and healthy Canadian society;

3. To understand how communities flourish, one must consider: the overall well-being of its members by promoting healthy living habits rather than focussing on remedial measures, a series of health prevention and promotion activities, garner a concerted approach by health care professionals to address health determinants and promote a healthy lifestyle;

4. Taking responsibility for the community’s overall health is an essential step towards improving the health of individuals;

5. Healthcare systems in Canada must receive adequate support to allow for the integration of cultural and linguistic dimensions in patient care and services offer;

6. Health must be considered in its broadest terms and is essential to the vitality of Francophone minority communities.

WE, healthcare stakeholders in Francophone and Acadian communities, whose goal is to increase true access to healthcare programs and services in French, commit to:

7. Place the individual at the heart of all healthcare concerns in French, and to forge a reliable and trusting relationship wherein he or she is a partner in his or her own well-being and health, an active participant in finding solutions;

8. Create and grow French-language living spaces across the country so that Francophones and Acadians can continue their journey towards true equality; have these spaces reflect the dynamism and diversity of the community and be welcoming places for integration into the community;

9. Counter access barriers to healthcare services through innovation and an active offer of French-language programs and services to ensure the delivery of safe, integrated, and quality services that are culturally and linguistically adapted;

10.Grow the number of healthcare professionals trained in French, and support the development of stimulating working and living environments that encourage personal and professional development in French;

11.Promote, develop and disseminate reliable research and data collection about Francophone minority communities in order to paint an accurate portrait of community health in order to better plan services;

12.Engage partners in government, education, healthcare professions and community service providers, towards a concerted strategic approach adapted to the realities of the Canadian Francophonie, the creation of evaluation tools and appropriate reporting mechanisms that respond to the specific needs of the community; and

13. Assert our place on the international stage to promote our exemplary practices beyond our borders in order to create ties with other minority language communities, and to benefit from best practices throughout the world.