The RENDEZ-VOUS SANTÉ EN FRANÇAIS is the largest multidisciplinary gathering in Canada on French-language HEALTH CARE. It brings together over 350 stakeholders and decision-makers from across the country, all of whom are concerned about and committed to the health of Francophone and Acadian minority communities. This 7th edition of the Rendez-vous has been organized jointly by the Société Santé en français (SSF) and the Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS).

As part of their respective complementary mandates, the SSF and the CNFS worked closely together to develop more than 150 Ways of Taking Action Together, namely: to develop educational approaches for training health professionals who can provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care; to strengthen knowledge; and to test creative approaches, practices and programs benefiting these communities and Canada’s health care systems. However, many obstacles remain and are limiting expanded, systemic management of French-language health care services outside Quebec.

In that regard, the Rendez-vous will provide an opportunity to more effectively determine and understand the issues, identify solutions and take action. Prominent speakers, researchers, professors, leaders and decision-makers, at both the national and regional levels, will share their knowledge and vision on highly innovative topics during the plenary sessions, workshops and poster presentations. To find out more, check out the program on this site.

Working closely with the Santé en français networks in every province and territory, the Société Santé en français (SSF) is a national leader that supports better access to quality health programs and services in French to improve the health of all of Canada’s Francophone and Acadian minority communities.

The work of the SSF and the 16 French-Language Health Networks is supported by the joint efforts of partners such as health professionals, government officials, care facility managers, educational institutions and community organizations.

The CNFS is a Canada-wide group of 11 Universities and Colleges offering programs in French in various health fields, and regional partners who improve the access to French-language health-related education programs across the country. Since April 1, 2015, the CNFS has been under the auspices of the Association des collèges et universités de la francophonie canadienne (ACUFC). The CNFS has played a key role in building this new partnership and has retained its corporate identity as well as its operating model.

Some of the community initiatives spearheaded by the CNFS include clinical training projects, training in the active offer of services in French, language training and cultural adaptation, and regional deployment. Moreover, the CNFS member institutions bring together the main drivers of health research in official language minority communities.